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GPS Coordinates:
Longitude: 34,129°
Latitude: 31,069°


El Gora Airport is a large airport in Egypt. The longest runway is 7.874 feet or 2.400 meters long.

Airport size: medium airport
Longest runway: 7874 (ft)


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About the airport

El Gora Airport (EGH/HEGR) is a small airport located in El Gora, Egypt. Situated in the Sinai Peninsula, this airport serves as a gateway to the popular tourist destinations of Sharm El Sheikh and Dahab. With its convenient location, El Gora Airport offers easy access to the stunning beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and exciting water sports activities that the region is renowned for.

Despite its small size, El Gora Airport provides essential facilities and services for travelers. The airport features a single terminal building, which houses check-in counters, security checkpoints, and baggage claim areas. There are also a few shops and cafes available for passengers to enjoy while waiting for their flights.

Several airlines operate regular flights to and from El Gora Airport, connecting it to major cities in Egypt and other international destinations. Travelers can easily find flights to this airport, making it a convenient choice for those planning a trip to the Sinai Peninsula.

Overall, El Gora Airport offers a hassle-free travel experience, ensuring a smooth start to your journey as you explore the beautiful attractions of Egypt's Sinai Peninsula.