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Sometimes you might need some basic country or airport data for your application or a brief overview. A good place to start are, the Google APIs and For most stuff exists a myriad of free sources. So paying 100 bucks for some airport data is usually a waste of money unless they provide some unique extra data. Here we offer some parts of our data for free to download. We plan to add more in the future.

Basic Data for 240 countries

241 countries with some basic informaion about capitals, coordinates and rough size in land mass and population as well as currencies.

Fields include:

  • iso_alpha2
    2 digit character code
  • iso_alpha3
    3 digit character code
  • iso_numeric
    numeric iso country code
  • country_name
    The name of the country in Englisch
  • capital
    The capital city of this country
  • capital_latitude
    Coordinates (latitude) of capital
  • capital_longitude
    Coordinates (longitude) of capital
  • areainsqkm
    Size of the landmass in square kilometres
  • population
    The number of citizens (estimate)
  • continent
    2 digit character code for continent
  • tld (top_level_domain)
    The internet top level domain of this country
  • currencycode
    Currency shortcode for official national currency
  • currencyname
    Name of national currency

Over 6,000 Airports with IATA and Coordinates

A list of 6,000 airports with IATA codes (and ICAO in most cases as well). Where we found it, a link to the corresponding wikipedia article.

Fields include:

  • iata
    The official IATA code of this airport
  • icao
    The official ICAO code of this airport
  • name
    Name of the airport (usually common English name)
  • type
    Type of airport (e.g. small, medium, big)
  • wiki
    Link to wikipedia article
  • latitude
    Coordinates (latitude) of airport
  • longitude
    Coordinates (longitude) of airport
  • elevation
    Topographic height of the location
  • iso_alpha2
    ISO 2 digit character code of country
  • area
    Text field with names of the the city/region serviced by the airport

Over 1,000 Unesco World Heritage Locations

Fields include:

  • iso_alpha2
    The ISO 2 digit character code
  • name
    Name of Unesco World Heritage Location
  • type
    Type of heritage
  • area_location
    Where is the location situated? (Written location names)
  • latitude
    Coordinates (latitude) of location centre
  • longitude
    Coordinates (longitude) of location centre
  • since
    Year it has been taken on the list
  • size
    Size of the heritage location in ha
  • buffer
    Some location have a buffer zone, this is their size
  • url_unesco
    URL to unesco world heritage location profile over at the unesco homepage

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