10,000km, visiting 10 countries in 15 days. Party hard on the Lofoten islands when the sun doesn't set (Midsommar) and in the depths of the Estonian forests, ride through the north-eastern part of Europe and enjoy an awesome trip.

This year I participated in the most northern long distance rallye of the world. Together with one of my clostest friends, Patrik, I startet a trip from Hamburg to Hamburg around the Baltic Sea. As a short introduction, we startet as Team 107 "Damista". We are actually four guys that know each other since the days in school and stuck together ever since. Unfortunatly, two of us, Navid (a fresh father) and Moritz (currently in Shanghai) couldn't come with us. But still we went to carry our name throughout the northern hemisphere. Where this name comes from? We don't really remember.

When we heard about this trip we signed in immediately. The price was ~800 Euro for both of us and one car. The rules sounded quite simple, the car had to be at least 20 years old and shouldn't cost more than 2,500 EUR. We where not allowed to use GPS, highways or navigational systems. Old school riding in old school cars. Additionally each Team should raise a sum of at least 750 Euro for charity purposes.

What did we expect? Hard to say. Summarized, we thought "oh, a nice trip around the Baltic Sea, seeing beautiful places and cities and have ton's of time to do what we want". Oh boy we were wrong. Well, not absolutely, but this trip was different to what we expected but in a very positive way.

If you want to learn more about the rallye itself, you might want to check out the homepage of the organisation SAC.

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