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Pololcingo in Guerrero (region) is located in Mexico - about 85 mi (or 137 km) South of Mexico City, the country's capital.

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1# Aterrizaje en Mexico

Duration: 07:22 min
Uploaded: February 19, 2007
Views: 85,018 - Rating: 3.98969/5
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Descenso turbulento entre nubes, y aterrizaje con vientes fuertes

2# Lots of spiders

Duration: 00:32 min
Uploaded: January 26, 2009
Views: 3,317 - Rating: 4.66667/5
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Me and my family went to Monte Alban in mexico. And between some rocks we found these spiders. Pretty cool huh?

3# Tomatal Gro Tecuanis 2009 - Aiden

Duration: 04:35 min
Uploaded: March 15, 2009
Views: 2,196 - Rating: 5/5
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Tecuanis Tomatal 2009

4# Little Girls Dancing with Pots On Their Heads

Duration: 03:27 min
Uploaded: December 17, 2009
Views: 1,308 - Rating: 5/5
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Every year on the 11th of December in the atrium of the Church of the Nativity in Huitzuco Guerrero, local folkdancing groups perform in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Patroness of México. This is the third time I have been present at this event; never yet have I seen a single tourist or any person from outside the immediate community. There are no tickets as this is not a commercial show. The dancing is a traditional homage to Maria, the Patroness of Mexico, genuinely venerated by the

5# Represa Valerio Trujano

Duration: 01:58 min
Uploaded: March 02, 2011
Views: 1,250 - Rating: 5/5
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Imagenes de la represa inagurada en 1964 en la comunidad de Tepecoacuilco al norte del estado de Guerrero Mx

6# Pastoras - Tomatal 2009 (Aiden) - HD

Duration: 02:04 min
Uploaded: March 17, 2009
Views: 1,229 - Rating: 5/5
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Pastoras - Tomatal 2009

7# Semana SAnta Los Judas San Fracisco Zacacalco

Duration: 01:09 min
Uploaded: May 13, 2009
Views: 986 - Rating: 5/5
uploaded by:

En este video estan los judas pegandole a los que estan locos ((jeje))

8# Went to Tuxpan to View some Incoming Storms - Iguala Mexico

Duration: 07:06 min
Uploaded: June 29, 2011
Views: 624 - Rating: 5/5
uploaded by:

After a quick dinner with the niece and nephews at the Galleria Mall in Iguala, we had a 'spur of the moment' idea to go to Tuxpan (east of Iguala) to check out some incoming storms from atop the nearby hill close to our land.. Really awesome view! This may be associated with Tropical Storm Arlene in the Gulf of Mexico

9# Tomatal Guerrero Mexico Jaripeo 2010 (7 de 16)

Duration: 09:08 min
Uploaded: May 16, 2010
Views: 365 - Rating: 5/5
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Toros de Tomatal Guerrero 2010

10# Vlogtime

Duration: 04:32 min
Uploaded: November 14, 2010
Views: 320 - Rating: 2.71429/5
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Our first real vlog.. Songs: Attack Attack! - Stick Stickly Enter Shikari - Destablise We do not own any music

11# A Visit to the Land in Tuxpan and Swimming at 'La Cima'

Duration: 14:12 min
Uploaded: June 25, 2011
Views: 274 - Rating: 5/5
uploaded by:

Took a quick trip out to the land in Tuxpan and then went for a refreshing swim at 'La Cima' pozoleria

12# 6 Month Update on Our Land and a Quick Update on the Durango

Duration: 05:02 min
Uploaded: November 29, 2010
Views: 163 - Rating: 5/5
uploaded by:

Our land was pretty over grown from the rainy season recently and 3/4ths of the brush has been cut down and burned up. Our various plants and fruit trees are still hanging in there.. Our septic tank has a flooding problem though.. The 2001 Durango is completely unloaded from our road trip and sitting high in the back now and still running excellent.. No plans to lower the back end

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