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Kampung Bukit Gajah in Pahang (region) is a city in Malaysia - about 37 mi (or 59 km) East of Kuala Lumpur, the country's capital city.

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1# Motor kecil

Duration: 00:25 min
Uploaded: March 27, 2008
Views: 16,429 - Rating: 4/5
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Santai tepi laut

2# My loud taxi driver (in KUALA lumpur Malaysia)

Duration: 00:30 min
Uploaded: August 15, 2007
Views: 2,984 - Rating: 2.6/5
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I was in a traffic jam for 15-20mins with this Indian taxi driver WHO TALK TO HIS FRIEND ON THE PHONE SO DAMN LOUD whilst trying to drive! no handsfree or ear pieces- he was driving and talking for the whole journey...ARGH

3# Bruno Mars~ The Lazy Song(cover by ShaunY)

Duration: 03:24 min
Uploaded: June 09, 2011
Views: 656 - Rating: 4.57895/5
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Actually...i just wanted to test my new mic...but i ended up making a is my cover of lazy song by bruno not really good with the guitar soo bare with me...haha...n yeh..i felt really lazy doing holiday homework.ENJOY ^^ (shoutout to all the lazy people out there)

4# China power KTM's new CSR (Full) Malaysia

Duration: 03:52 min
Uploaded: April 09, 2012
Views: 422 - Rating: 3/5
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China power! New era...World class...140/280*kmh++...1k/1.5*k's new MY komuter came to seats for age 60++ till sept 2012(show ur ic only), must try!! 08 Apr 2012 sun. Malaysia. Aksam

5# Ampang Road Kuala Lumpur

Duration: 04:05 min
Uploaded: September 30, 2011
Views: 314 - Rating: 5/5
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This movie shown part of Ampang Road only, you can take a bus from Kuala Lumpur any where easily to there(one way fare rm1.00)


Duration: 02:44 min
Uploaded: January 13, 2012
Views: 125 - Rating: 0/5
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7# Malaysian Monkey

Duration: 00:17 min
Uploaded: July 26, 2009
Views: 38 - Rating: 0/5
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I saw this monkey while on vacation in Malaysia, so I took a video. Sorry about the bad quality, it's a crappy camera

8# Dragon's Paramount Night(15 01 3000cy) MY

Duration: 11:09 min
Uploaded: February 13, 2012
Views: 21 - Rating: 5/5
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15 01 3000cy, the last day celebration for Chinese New Year! at this paramount night, chinese do their best to enjoy this colourful night as high as possible. To-morrow, they will force themselves go ahead doing their best to achieve success a better results than previous year, fully prepare them for the next joyful 3001cy year (This one Rawang)! 06 Feb 2012 mon Malaysia Aksam

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