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Park Skocjanske Jame se Predstavlja

Basis Data:
Unesco World heritage since: 1986
Size of heritage: 413 ha

Longitude: 14,000°
Latitude: 45,667°


This exceptional system of limestone caves comprises collapsed dolines, some 6 km of underground passages with a total depth of more than 200 m, many waterfalls and one of the largest known underground chambers. The site, located in the Kras region (literally meaning Karst), is one of the most famous in the world for the study of karstic phenomena.

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The Škocjan Caves, located in the villages of Škocjan pri Divaci, Matavun, and Betanja in the communes of Divaca and Sežana, in the Obalno-kraška region of Slovenia, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. These caves are renowned for their exceptional natural beauty and geological significance. The site encompasses a vast underground canyon, stunning stalactite formations, and a unique ecosystem, making it a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and cave explorers.


The history of the Škocjan Caves dates back millions of years. The caves were formed by the Reka River, which carved its way through the limestone plateau, creating an underground network of tunnels and chambers. The first written records of the caves date back to the 2nd century BC, when they were mentioned by the ancient Greek geographer Strabo.

Throughout history, the Škocjan Caves have been a source of fascination and inspiration. They have been visited by numerous explorers, scientists, and artists, who marveled at their grandeur and unique features. In 1986, the caves were recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, acknowledging their outstanding universal value and the need for their preservation.

Current State

Today, the Škocjan Caves continue to captivate visitors with their awe-inspiring beauty. The main attraction of the site is the Great Underground Canyon, a colossal chamber that stretches over three kilometers in length, 140 meters in width, and 70 meters in height. This breathtaking natural wonder is considered one of the largest underground canyons in the world.

The caves are also home to a diverse ecosystem, with numerous species of plants and animals adapted to the unique underground environment. The underground river, subterranean lakes, and waterfalls create a habitat for various organisms, including rare cave-dwelling species. The site is of great scientific importance, as it provides valuable insights into the processes of karst formation and the adaptation of life to extreme conditions.

To preserve the delicate ecosystem and ensure the safety of visitors, access to the Škocjan Caves is regulated. Guided tours are available, allowing visitors to explore the most remarkable parts of the caves while learning about their geological and ecological significance. The tours take visitors through a series of awe-inspiring chambers, including the Silent Cave, the Murmuring Cave, and the Tominc Cave.

Aside from the natural wonders, the Škocjan Caves also offer cultural and historical attractions. The area surrounding the caves is dotted with picturesque villages, where visitors can experience the local way of life and sample traditional Slovenian cuisine. The nearby Škocjan Education Trail provides additional information about the caves and the surrounding natural environment.


The Škocjan Caves in Slovenia are a UNESCO World Heritage site of exceptional natural beauty and geological significance. With their vast underground canyon, stunning stalactite formations, and unique ecosystem, they offer a mesmerizing experience for visitors. The caves' rich history, dating back millions of years, and their ongoing scientific importance make them a truly remarkable destination. Whether exploring the underground wonders or immersing oneself in the local culture, a visit to the Škocjan Caves is an unforgettable experience.

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