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Gande in Azad Kashmir (region) is located in Pakistan - about 58 mi (or 93 km) South-East of Islamabad, the country's capital.

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1# Sarai Alamgir

Duration: 03:37 min
Uploaded: March 10, 2007
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2# Bull Race jhelum Pakistan

Duration: 04:18 min
Uploaded: December 02, 2010
Views: 9,814 - Rating: 5/5
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Ch tariq mathyaal at jada 23.3.10.mp4

3# ch muhammad azam sahib's funeral video 07/09/2010

Duration: 10:18 min
Uploaded: October 25, 2010
Views: 7,821 - Rating: 5/5
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Compliation of some photos and the funeral video footage of Choudhary Mohammed Azam - Former Deputy Speaker Azad Jammu and Kashmir (1990--1991) also Former Chairman MDA (Mirpur Development Authority)(1991--1996) the late Choudhary Mohammed Azam sahib visted the uk on oficial visits at the invition of the uk goverment where he was instrumental in twinning mirpur with several uk cities and sighning friendiship and trade treaties with them he is still rememberd as the person who was instrumental in the developement of mirpur his main achievements were the building of the mirpur stadium,the building of the mda complex and the allocation and setting up of the industrial his term of office he helped set up the traffic light system in mirpur and he was credited with setting up of the road widening scheme.

4# apna sarai alamgir

Duration: 03:40 min
Uploaded: October 05, 2008
Views: 7,166 - Rating: 3.85714/5
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My sweet city in pakistan sara-e-alamgir near jhelum

5# kami jhelum long wheelie

Duration: 01:59 min
Uploaded: September 15, 2008
Views: 5,234 - Rating: 5/5
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This guy is the KING of jhelum city wheeling he is also well know through out dina,mirpur,lahore,islamabad and other big cities,he was best friends with my friend AFTAB may his soul rest in peace...

6# Mirpur City Centre

Duration: 00:59 min
Uploaded: January 01, 2011
Views: 4,808 - Rating: 3/5
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Not sre the exact place

7# Mirpur City Nafeez Restaurants

Duration: 00:18 min
Uploaded: January 01, 2011
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8# Jhelum Akram Shaheed park, 14 august 2009

Duration: 10:09 min
Uploaded: September 01, 2009
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Gatka karatay show on 14 of august 2009 at akram shaheed park Jhelum

9# London Olympics - UK Spouse English Centre SLS Pakistan Mob +92-300-95 25 802

Duration: 02:16 min
Uploaded: November 10, 2010
Views: 2,675 - Rating: 4.2/5
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Candidates who want to join their husbands/wives (spouses/partners/fiancés) in UK must register for this A1 test and students & work permit holder can register for B1 & B2 from any city of Pakistan, even from neighbouring countries. Candidates can register and prepare your test online. Admission Requirements: To book test Just e-mail us » Scan of Current Passport. » Scan of CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card), » Scan of Passport Size recent Photograph (with Blue Background). at or post us » 2 Copies of Passport. » 2 Copies of CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card). » 4 Passport Size recent Photographs (with Blue Background). send at »SLS College, Resham Plaza, Civil Line, Jhelum, PAKISTAN Bank Detail is: » Account Title: Sarfraz Learning System » Account No: 0135-2083938 » Bank: NIB Civil Line Jhelum, PAKISTAN *Candidates from outside of Pakistan, can transfer fee through Western Union* Our Features : » UKBA Registered Tests acceptable in British High Commission » ETS is well known awarding body also offering TOEFL » Certificate valid for 2 years » Result announced just after 2 weeks of test » No Age Limit » No Prior Qualification Requirement » 100% Success Rates » Free Syllabus » Free Preparation » Lowest Fee in Pakistan » Registered Test & Training Centre for Pakistan » Online Preparation for students of other cities Test (TOEIC) A1, A2, B1, B2 & C1 Passing Marks Chart Approved by UKBA: TOEIC Total Marks Listening Reading Speaking Writing ...

10# Kuku in Mirpur at Fazia's wedding HD.

Duration: 05:36 min
Uploaded: April 15, 2012
Views: 2,666 - Rating: 5/5
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Kuku at Fazia's wedding in mirpur. April 2010. People attending are Omar Ali,Sanat Shah,Shazad Mehboob,Mushtaq Ali.

11# jhelum city

Duration: 01:20 min
Uploaded: March 23, 2009
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Jhelum pakistan

12# Mangla Dam Azaad Kashmir Construction

Duration: 03:30 min
Uploaded: September 08, 2009
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Come Back From Mangla Dam in Azaad Kashmir

13# mirpur riots

Duration: 00:34 min
Uploaded: April 24, 2010
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Jaloos in mirpur ajk

14# Lahore Karting Race 2008

Duration: 01:43 min
Uploaded: April 05, 2009
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First ever karting race took place in Lahore at Lake City,

15# Naat ¦ نعت رسولۖ: میں چپ کھڑا ھوا ھوں دربار مصطفے میں

Duration: 09:19 min
Uploaded: March 19, 2011
Views: 952 - Rating: 5/5
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پروفیسر احمد رفیق اختر جدید رور کے ایک ممتاز مسلم سکالر ہیں جن کے خیالات کی روشن خیالی سے موجودہ دور کی صبح نو کا آغاز ہو۔ کتابی تعارف کے مطابق پیچیدہ سوالات کے جوابات عقل سے دیتے ہیں۔ انہوں نے اپنے زمانہ طالب علمی کے دوران ادب، فلسفہ، مختلف النوع مذاہب اور تمام معاصر مضامین کا بغور مصالعہ کیا اور پھر اسی گہرے مطالعاتی رحجان نے بالآخر خداشناسی تک ان کی رہنمائ کی۔ ذہنی استفسار کی مسلسل پیش رفت نے انہیں بالآخر منطقی انجام تک پہنچادیا۔ آپ اس مطالعاتی اپروچ کے مالک ہیں جو کسی طور بھی عقلی دلیل اور مروجہ سائنسی اصولوں کی کسوٹی پر پرکھے بغیر مطمیئن ہی نہیں ہوتی۔ اپنے پیشے کے چناوء کے دوران ان ک ذہانت اور پرچار کو جو کہ اس وقت اپنے بام عروج پر تھے فطرت کی ایک پیچیدہ پرین گتھی سے نبردآزما ہونا پڑ گیا کہ، " خدا موجود ھے کہ نہیں "، " کیا میں آذاد ھوں؟ یا کسی ان دیکھی الہامی ہستی یا قوت کو جوابدہ ھوں؟ Professor Ahmad Rafique Akhtar is a distinguished Muslim scholar of Modern Era. The enlightment of his thoughts has heralded the dawn of a new age in the present world. Due to his acquaintance with books, intricate queries in his wits; he studied literature, philosophy, Mythologies and all contemporary subjects during his student life. His tendency of intensive study led him to think profoundly about God. This inquisitiveness of mind continued its progress towards the logical end. He was gifted with a philosophical approach which is not satisfied without scrutinizing the process of intellectual capacity, objectively according to scientific principles. At the stage of his career choice ...

16# P1 - Zakir Ghulam Abbas Rattan of Lahore Imambargah Kotian Sarai Alamgir 8 Jan 2012 13th Safar1433

Duration: 30:22 min
Uploaded: February 09, 2012
Views: 885 - Rating: 5/5
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Stage Secretary Syed Tauqir Haider Bukhari, President Anjuman Imamia Kotian Sarai Alamgir, Distt Gujrat, Pakistan. Majlis on the Sad event of death anniversary of Syeda Sakina Binte Imam Hussain (AS) Majlis recited by Syed Shafqat Mohsan Kazmi of Gujrat and Zakir Ghulam Abbas Rattan of Lahore @ Imambargah Qasr-e-Punjtanpak Kotian Sarai Alamgir Distt Gujrat Pakistan, 8th January 2012, 13th Safar 1433h. Iltmasey Dua: Sayed Saqlain Bukhari

17# Army Band - AJK - Mirpur Share

Duration: 05:02 min
Uploaded: April 28, 2012
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Army band rocking their thing

18# Kuku in Mirpur C4 at Mr Munir's house HD.

Duration: 02:08 min
Uploaded: May 01, 2012
Views: 737 - Rating: 5/5
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Kuku visited Mr Munir's house in C4 Mirpur. He wasn't allowed to go inside the building because the workers were Painting there.

19# Towards Mirpur on Kotli road

Duration: 00:39 min
Uploaded: January 01, 2011
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20# Tehsil Sarai alamgir Choa Dinga Road 3 meet canal Jhelum Pakistan

Duration: 00:34 min
Uploaded: January 07, 2011
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Village Choa Kariala Dinga road meets Canal upper Jhelum,Chowa Karyala Dinga Road was first founded by late Raja Sakhi mohammed of village Choa in 1976,was first constructed and map in 1978 ,total cost of building Choa Dinga Road were donated by good people of Choa Kariala,there is still large part of dinga road left to be map and constructed,from village choa to dinga

21# Mirpur City Centre

Duration: 00:19 min
Uploaded: January 01, 2011
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22# 20081220 teaPartyIIUI vd 01

Duration: 04:00 min
Uploaded: December 22, 2008
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FET section-d 6/1 at IIUI has its first Tea Party FIANCED by Fined Islamian ( Students of IIUI);

23# Jada Jhelum Bull Fight in UAE

Duration: 02:16 min
Uploaded: April 17, 2012
Views: 314 - Rating: 0/5
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Mela Chudharyaa Daa in UAE CH Sajid, Ch Adnan, Ch Ansar, Ch, Shakeel & co

24# Zeeshan and Mudassir The Real CAST in MOVIE

Duration: 03:12 min
Uploaded: June 18, 2009
Views: 301 - Rating: 0/5
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Pakistani cheetey, the hit cast :).zeeshan ,mudassir and friends

25# Mirpur Azad Kashmir 12 Rabi-ul-Awal 2012 Milad-e-Mustafa Night Lighting,Decoretion Part 1.wmv

Duration: 09:50 min
Uploaded: May 28, 2012
Views: 274 - Rating: 5/5
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Presanted By: shahzaib Prince HX

26# Deen ki panah hussain hai.flv

Duration: 03:30 min
Uploaded: June 05, 2012
Views: 252 - Rating: 0/5
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27# Prime Minister Chaudhry majid at Chaudhry zulfiqar Azams residence(Pothi House)azamabad .mpg

Duration: 20:37 min
Uploaded: August 15, 2012
Views: 245 - Rating: 0/5
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Prime Minister Chaudhry majid and former Prime Minister barrister Chaudhry Sultan Mahmood at Chaudhry zulfiqar Azams residence(Pothi House) azamabad to observe the first death anniversary of the Former Deputy Speaker Azad Jammu and Kashmir (1990--1991) Chaudhry mohamad azam sahib

28# Mangla Dam twisty roads

Duration: 00:26 min
Uploaded: January 01, 2011
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29# ALI MALIK Apna Puran, Tehsil Sarai Alamgir, Gujrat...

Duration: 04:31 min
Uploaded: June 13, 2012
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30# Time lapse from Mirpur to Sarghoda

Duration: 02:27 min
Uploaded: January 01, 2011
Views: 174 - Rating: 0/5
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Time lapse taken on an iPhone 4, Journey from Mirpur to Sarghoda, at 1.20 we stop for drinks, at 2.00 we reach the M1

31# Chaudhrey Mohammad Azam sahibs Khatim

Duration: 04:57 min
Uploaded: August 16, 2012
Views: 166 - Rating: 0/5
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Various politicians , dignitaries and family members at Chaudhry zulfiqar Azams residence(Pothi House) azamabad to observe the first yearly khatim of the Former Deputy Speaker Azad Jammu and Kashmir (1990--1991) Chaudhry mohamad azam sahib

32# Mangla-jatian Road

Duration: 00:28 min
Uploaded: January 01, 2011
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Heading towards the Water sports club

33# Dhok Daswandi

Duration: 03:00 min
Uploaded: June 13, 2012
Views: 128 - Rating: 5/5
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My village in Jhelum,Pakistan, a beautiful view from the top of the hill....

34# railway crossring near to jehlum city

Duration: 00:44 min
Uploaded: August 15, 2010
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35# Air Foundation School System Jhelum

Duration: 03:00 min
Uploaded: June 07, 2012
Views: 89 - Rating: 0/5
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Annual function performed by Class PG-KG at Fashion ka Jalwa

36# Jhelum - PTV.3gp

Duration: 01:00 min
Uploaded: August 29, 2010
Views: 86 - Rating: 5/5
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A PTV program

37# Air Blue En Route from KHI to ISB

Duration: 01:22 min
Uploaded: August 22, 2010
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38# Time lapse Mirpur to resort

Duration: 00:50 min
Uploaded: January 01, 2011
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39# Double Rainbows in Jhelum.mp4

Duration: 00:58 min
Uploaded: May 02, 2012
Views: 57 - Rating: 0/5
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01/05/2012 Double Rainbows in Jhelum Join our FaceBook

40# beby dance in jhelum

Duration: 08:33 min
Uploaded: April 25, 2012
Views: 37 - Rating: 0/5
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Like this video please

41# Mehfil e milad in kntryly Jhelum Part3 of 5

Duration: 09:30 min
Uploaded: June 25, 2012
Views: 34 - Rating: 0/5
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نقابت: حافظ ناظم حسین چشتی

42# Air Foundation School System Jhelum

Duration: 03:51 min
Uploaded: June 18, 2012
Views: 21 - Rating: 0/5
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Fashion Show

43# Mehfil e milad in kntryly Jhelum Part4 of 5

Duration: 50:56 min
Uploaded: June 22, 2012
Views: 12 - Rating: 0/5
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نقابت: حافظ ناظم حسین چشتی

44# Mehfil e milad in kntryly Jhelum Part5 of 5

Duration: 30:43 min
Uploaded: June 22, 2012
Views: 12 - Rating: 0/5
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نقابت: حافظ ناظم حسین چشتی

45# Amazing Weather and sunset

Duration: 00:51 min
Uploaded: September 08, 2012
Views: 9 - Rating: 0/5
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