Most people's first thought is USA if America is mentioned. But there is not only North America! Think of Argentina or Brazil, of great nature and lust for life during Samba sessions at Carneval in Rio. The "other America" offers so much to discover, so let's see what we can find!

Take part in the famous Carneval in Rio, Brazil. And if you want to see one of the most beautiful nature sights in the world, visit the rain forest with its tropical vegetation. The world's longest river, the Amazonas, runs through Brazil and Peru. Watch the impressive major river blaze its trail through the unique nature.

The climate in South and Central America varies enormously. Almost every weather condition may arise, from heat to freezing, from storm to heavy rain, depending on where you want to go. The best thing is to inform yourself about the weather in the region you want to travel to before you start your journey.

The easiest way to travel to South America is by plane. Once you are there, rent a car to be mobile. The public transportation system is mostly not as good as you are used to, except for the major cities.

List of countries of South America

Flag Country Capital
Argentina Buenos Aires
Bolivia Sucre
Brazil Brasilia
Chile Santiago
Colombia Bogota
Ecuador Quito
Falkland Islands Stanley
French Guiana Cayenne
Guyana Georgetown
Paraguay Asuncion
Peru Lima
Suriname Paramaribo
Uruguay Montevideo
Venezuela Caracas
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