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GPS Coordinates:
Longitude: -56,633°
Latitude: 5,767°


Wageningen Airport Airport is a small airport in Suriname, serving the region of Wageningen Airport, Wageningen.

Airport size: small airport
Serving area: Wageningen Airport, Wageningen
Longest runway: 0 (ft)


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About the airport

Wageningen Airport (IATA code: AGI, ICAO code: SMWA) is a small airport located in the country of Suriname. Situated in the town of Wageningen, it serves as a gateway to the western part of the country. Although it is a relatively small airport, it provides essential air transportation services for both domestic and international travelers.

The airport features a single runway and a small terminal building. It primarily serves regional flights, connecting passengers to other destinations within Suriname and neighboring countries. Travelers can expect basic facilities at the airport, including check-in counters, baggage handling services, and a waiting area.

Wageningen Airport offers convenient access to the picturesque town of Wageningen, known for its agricultural heritage and stunning natural beauty. Visitors can explore the surrounding countryside, visit local farms, or enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and birdwatching.

While planning your trip to Suriname, consider Wageningen Airport as a convenient entry point to discover the western part of the country and its unique attractions.