Marshall Islands
in Micronesia

National active POI
Country Quickfacts
Currency and Currency Code:
Dollar - USD
Spoken languages:
Marshallese, English
Local electricity:
120 V - 60 Hz (plugs: A, B)
Mobile phone / cellular frequencies (MHz):
900 MHz, 1800 MHz
ISO 2-Letter code:
Internet top level domain:
Country phone prefix:
Local Time (capital):
UTC/GMT offset: hours

Directory of airlines and airports

Here a list (ordered alphabetically by name) of the airports we know in Marshall Islands. If you know of an airport that is missing or one that is no longer in operation, let us know :)

National Airports
National Airlines

Airport Name IATA ICAO Area
Ailinglaplap Airport
also knows as: Ailinglapalap Island
AIP AIP Bigatyelang Island, Ailinglapalap Island
Aur Island Airport
AUL MH-A Aur Atoll, Aur Island
Bucholz Army Air Field
also knows as: Kwajalein
KWA PKWA Kwajalein
Ebadon Airport
EBN MH-E Ebadon Island, Ebadon
Eniwetok Airport
also knows as: Enewetak Island
ENT PKMA Eniwetok Atoll, Enewetak Island
Enyu Airfield
BII MH-B Bikini Atoll
Jabot Airport
JAT MH-J Ailinglapalap Atoll, Jabot
Jaluit Airport
also knows as: Jaluit Island
UIT MH-U Jabor Jaluit Atoll, Jaluit Island
Kaben Airport
KBT MH-K Kaben
Kili Airport
also knows as: Kili Island
KIO Q51 Kili Island
Lae Island Airport
LML MH-L Lae Island
Maloelap Island Airport
also knows as: Taroa Airfield
MAV MH-M Maloelap Island
Marshall Islands International Airport
also knows as: Amata Kabua International Airport, Amata Kabua Intl
MAJ PKMJ Majuro Atoll, Majuro
Mili Island Airport
MIJ MLIP Mili Island
Namorik Atoll Airport
NDK MH-N Namorik Atoll
Rongelap Island Airport
RNP MH-R Rongelap Island
Tinak Airport
TIC MH-T Arno Atoll
Ujae Atoll Airport
also knows as: Ujae Island
UJE UJAP Ujae Atoll, Ujae Island
Utirik Airport
UTK 03N Utirik Island
Wotje Atoll Airport
also knows as: Wotje Island
WTE MH-W Wotje Atoll, Wotje Island

National airlines

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Air Marshall Islands
Air Marshall Islands, Inc.
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