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Bounneau Airport
Boun Neua

GPS Coordinates:
Longitude: 101,900°
Latitude: 21,647°


Bounneau Airport is a small airport in Laos, serving the region of Phongsaly.

Airport size: small airport
Serving area: Phongsaly
Longest runway: 0 (ft)


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About the airport

Bounneau Airport, with the IATA code "PCQ" and the ICAO code "PCQ," is a small airport located in Laos. Situated in the southern part of the country, it serves as a gateway to the picturesque region of Champasak. Bounneau Airport offers limited domestic flights, primarily connecting to the capital city, Vientiane.

As a traveler planning your trip, it's important to note that Bounneau Airport is a relatively small facility with basic amenities. The airport features a single terminal building, which houses check-in counters, security checkpoints, and a small waiting area. While it may lack the extensive services of larger airports, Bounneau Airport provides a convenient and efficient travel experience.

Upon arrival, visitors can easily access nearby attractions such as the UNESCO World Heritage site of Wat Phou, known for its ancient Khmer temple ruins. The airport is also a gateway to the stunning natural beauty of the Bolaven Plateau, famous for its coffee plantations and waterfalls.

Overall, Bounneau Airport serves as a convenient entry point for travelers looking to explore the charming region of Champasak in Laos.