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GPS Coordinates:
Longitude: -55,717°
Latitude: 3,150°


Tepoe Airstrip is a small airport in Suriname, serving the region of Kasikasima.

Airport size: small airport
Serving area: Kasikasima
Longest runway: 0 (ft)


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About the airport

Tepoe Airstrip, with the IATA code KCB and the ICAO code SR-K, is a small airport located in the beautiful country of Suriname. Situated in the southern part of the country, Tepoe Airstrip serves as a gateway to the stunning interior regions of Suriname. This airport primarily caters to domestic flights and offers limited facilities.

Travelers planning a trip to Tepoe Airstrip should note that it is a small, remote airport surrounded by lush rainforests and breathtaking landscapes. The airport has a single runway and a small terminal building. Due to its size, amenities such as shops and restaurants are limited, so it is advisable to bring any necessary supplies.

Tepoe Airstrip is an ideal starting point for exploring the pristine natural wonders of Suriname's interior. From here, travelers can embark on exciting adventures, including jungle treks, wildlife spotting, and visits to indigenous communities. It is recommended to arrange transportation and accommodations in advance, as options may be limited in this remote area.

Overall, Tepoe Airstrip offers a convenient access point for travelers seeking to immerse themselves in Suriname's untouched wilderness and experience its rich cultural heritage.