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GPS Coordinates:
Longitude: -60,549°
Latitude: -24,721°


Alferez Armando Rodriguez Airport is a small airport in Argentina, serving the region of Las Lomitas.

Airport size: small airport
Serving area: Las Lomitas
Longest runway: 0 (ft)


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About the airport

Alferez Armando Rodriguez Airport, with the IATA code "LLS" and the ICAO code "SATK," is located in the province of La Rioja, Argentina. Situated approximately 6 kilometers northeast of the city center, this airport serves as a gateway to the region's natural beauty and cultural attractions. The airport offers domestic flights to and from various destinations within Argentina.

Facilities at Alferez Armando Rodriguez Airport include a modern terminal building with amenities such as restaurants, cafes, and duty-free shops. Travelers can also find car rental services, taxi stands, and ample parking facilities for their convenience. The airport is well-connected to the city center by road, making it easily accessible for travelers.

La Rioja province is renowned for its stunning landscapes, including the Talampaya National Park and the Ischigualasto Provincial Park, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Visitors can explore these natural wonders, go hiking, or enjoy outdoor activities such as horseback riding and mountain biking. The region is also known for its rich cultural heritage, with historical sites, museums, and traditional festivals showcasing the local traditions and customs.

When planning your trip to La Rioja, Argentina, consider using Alferez Armando Rodriguez Airport as your entry point to discover the province's natural beauty and cultural treasures.