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RAF Ascension Island
St. Helena

GPS Coordinates:
Longitude: -14,394°
Latitude: -7,970°


RAF Ascension Island is a medium sized airport in Saint Helena, serving the region of Ascension Island, Georgetown. The longest runway is 10.019 feet or 3.054 meters long.

Local name: "Ascension", "Wideawake", Wideawake Fld
Airport size: medium airport
Serving area: Ascension Island, Georgetown
Longest runway: 10019 (ft)


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About the airport

RAF Ascension Island (ASI), with the ICAO-Code FHAW, is a military airfield located on Ascension Island, a British Overseas Territory in the South Atlantic Ocean. Although primarily a military base, it also serves as a vital transit point for civilian flights.

The airport offers limited facilities for travelers, including a small terminal building with basic amenities such as restrooms and a café. It is important to note that there are no commercial airlines operating scheduled flights to or from ASI. However, charter flights and military aircraft occasionally provide transportation options for travelers.

Ascension Island itself is a remote and volcanic island, known for its stunning natural beauty and unique wildlife. Visitors planning a trip to Ascension Island should be prepared for a truly off-the-beaten-path experience. The island offers opportunities for hiking, fishing, and exploring its diverse landscapes, including the famous Green Mountain.

Travelers should ensure they have the necessary permits and visas before planning a trip to Ascension Island, as entry requirements may vary. It is also advisable to check with relevant authorities for the latest travel advisories and restrictions.

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