When travelling and especially when travelling abroad you should think of a few more things than booking an all inclusive package. This list tries to provide some guidance about what things you should take with you.

One can not think of everything, print this checklist, pin it to your fridge and cross out the items when done or not required. You think we definitly need to put something in this list that is missing? Let us know!

Passport, Visa and Documents

Reminders regarding your passport and other official papers. If you're not sure about the answer, try your local goverment. They can assist you to find answer to these questions.

  • Do I have a valid passport?
  • Is the passport still valid for the full trip time?
  • Are there special requirements for how long the passport is still valid after leaving the country?
  • Do I need specific Visa for any of the places I plan to see?
  • Are there any other legal restriction and obligations I should keep in mind?
  • Are there any tax regulations I should keep in mind (e.g. bringing back expensive souvenirs)?
  • Is my drivers license valid and do I need an international drivers license to drive a car, motorbike or scooter in the countries I plan to visit?

Health and Vacines

General healthcare tips for travelling. However, it is best to consult your doctor and ask for recommendations on your plans.

  • Are there any concerns regarding my health and strength for the kind of journey I plan?
  • Do I regularly need special medication which is hard to get at the destination?
  • Do I need any shots in advance (e.g. Malaria or Hepatitis)?
  • Are there any place-specific hygiene or health tips I should know?
  • Do I have the right health insurance to cover for unforeseen things abroad?

Booking, Tickets and Reservation

Short Checklist for flying around the globe.

  • Have I booked all important flights?
  • Have I booked all hotels?
  • Are there any additional transfers I need to organize (e.g. Airport <-> Hotel)?
  • Is there any ferry or boat transfer on the route I should reserve a spot on?
  • Did I make a reservation for car/motorbike rental?
  • Did I book all arrangements and treats I wanted?
  • Are there any bookings required for visiting specific places/buildings/sights?
  • Do I have all tickets, reservations etc on paper with me?
  • Can I access a digital backup of these documents over the internet (e.g. e-mail or dropbox)?

Luggage / Baggage

Considerations around your baggage.

  • What is the lowest maximum number of baggage pieces I may check-in with any airline on my route?
  • What is the lowest maximum weight of the baggage pieces I may check-in with any airline on my route?
  • What is the extra fee for overweight (check with the airlines)? Am I willing to pay this?
  • Are there any requirements from the trip itself for the baggage (e.g. Dimension, Endurance/Quality, Flexibility)?
  • Can I bring "Special Equipment" with me (e.g. surf boards, golf clubs, fishing rods or larger camera tripods)?

Taking Care of your Home & Pets

Now you are taken care of. Is your home?

  • Do my pets have everything they need while I'm away (e.g. snails might be pretty easy ... your dog is probably best of with your friends)?
  • Do I need someone to feed my fish or water my plants?
  • Did I pull the plug of all sensitive electronic devices not important to run while I'm away?
  • Do I have an website someone should keep an eye on?
  • Do I need someone removing the snow in front of my house while I bath in the sun?
  • Did I turn off all electric appliances (e.g. oven, iron, radiator)?
  • Can someone empty the letterbox from time to time?
  • Have I turned off water and gas?

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