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Country Quickfacts
Currency and Currency Code:
Euro - EUR
Spoken languages:
Dutch, French, German
Local electricity:
230 V - 50 Hz (plugs: C, E)
Mobile phone / cellular frequencies (MHz):
900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 3G, 4G
ISO 2-Letter code:
Internet top level domain:
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Local Time (capital):
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Playing Golf in Belgium

If you are willing to have a culturally-saturated golf break you should definitely take a look at Belgium, a small, yet quite diverse and interesting country in the center of Europe. The bi-lingual Belgium cannot boast the scope and varying topography of other countries that stretch upon various landscapes and encompass several time zones, yet nevertheless it could be a cozy and interesting destination for a short golf break.

Geography of Belgium

Belgium, as we all know, has a French-speaking and a Flemish-speaking part. The former one encompasses the southern territories of the country and has its center Belgium capital Brussels, while the latter one encompasses the northern territories, borders the Netherlands and has a financial and cultural hub the beautiful city of Antwerp. Belgium, which borders France, Germany, Luxemburg and the Netherlands, has also a small sea outlet. Its north-west territories border the North Sea and diversify the country’s landscape with sand dunes and ponders.

Weather in Belgium

Any golfer that plans to make some research on the golf environment in a particular country, notwithstanding the reasons that he or she has for visiting the country – be it an appointed golf-break, a business trip with a golf detour, a golf course, a team building using golf, a tournament, etc. , should consider the weather of the given country beforehand. Belgium’s climate is marked by high annual precipitation, which means that chances are you will have at least one rainy day during your stay. On the bright sight, however, the temperatures are moderate, which suggests no extremes in heat or chills. With a summer average of 18° and a winter of 3°, Belgium boasts a proper moderate climate. In terms of its geographic location, the country is definitely accessible to European citizens not only through flights, but also through other means of transportation, including a train, a car, a bus and a ferry across the English Channel.

Golf Courses in Belgium

For the history lovers it might be curious to know that Belgium prides in some of the oldest golf courses in Europe, some of which founded by royalties. Take for instance Brussels’ oldest course - Royal Golf Course of Belgium in Tervuren. This magnificent course dates back to 1906 and was built under the auspices of King Leopold II. Though Belgium has lower per-capita number of golf courses compared to other European countries the golf venues available there are definitely worth the shot. Among the more imposing courses are the Royal Ostend Golf Club, Royal Golf des Fagnes, Royal Antwerp Golf Club, Royal Latem Golf Club and Royal Zoute Golf Club. Another interesting fact is that Belgian golf courses receive the title Royal to their name when they reach 50 years existence. According to the Royal Belgian Golf Federation the number of the golf courses which are affiliated members in the association is about 90.

Why Golfing in Belgium

What makes Belgium an interesting golf destination is also the fact that there you could move easily from course to course because the country is small and its infrastructure – very well developed. You can use the public transport or your own car to go sightseeing in different provinces and meanwhile book a round at a local golf course of your preference. Belgium, which is the country where the European Parliament is located, is nowadays a hub of international diplomats, politicians and intelligent technocrats. This has definitely driven the standards of the golf establishments quite up. The small central European country is also famous for its chocolates, its traditions in art and painting and last but not least – its beer. So, if you want to golf and sightsee and enjoy a true European experience, give Belgium a chance.

Golf Club Name City State / Province
Antwerp Golf School Aartselaar Antwerp
Cleydael Golf & Country Club Aartselaar Antwerp
Dragon Golf School Bornem Antwerp
Bossenstein Golf & Polo Club Bossenstein Antwerp
Brasschaat Open Golf & Country Club Brasschaat Antwerp
Rinkven Golf Club Gravenwezel Antwerp
Golf Club Witbos Herentals Antwerp
Royal Antwerp Golf Club Kapellen Antwerp
Lilse Golf & Country Club Lille Antwerp
Golf Club Nuclea Mol Mol Antwerp
Kempense Golf Club Mol Antwerp
Golf & Country Club De Wijnvelden Onze-lieve-Vrouw-Waver Antwerp
Steenhoven Country Club Postel Antwerp
Ternesse Golf & Country Club Wommelgem Antwerp
Brussels Golf Club Academy And Training Center Brussels Brussels-Capital Region
Royal Amicale Anderlecht Golf Club Brussels Brussels-Capital Region
Brabantse Golf Club Melsbroek Brussels-Capital Region
Golf Club Krokkebaas Buggenhout East Flanders
Steenpoel Golf Club Itterbeek East Flanders
Golf Club Beveren Kallo-Beveren East Flanders
Royal Latem Golf Club Sint-Martens-Latem East Flanders
Puyenbroeck Golf Course Wachtebeke East Flanders
Golf & Country Club Oudenaarde Wortegem-Petegem East Flanders
Executive Club - Private Golf Zwijnaarde Zwijnaarde East Flanders
Damme Golf And Country Club Damme-sysele Flemish Brabant
Golf Club Kampenhout Kampenhout Flemish Brabant
Keerbergen Golf Club Keerbergen Flemish Brabant
Overijse Golf Club Overijse Flemish Brabant
Winge Golf & Country Club Sint-Joris-Winge Flemish Brabant
Royal Golf Club of Belgium Tervuren Flemish Brabant
Mont Garni Golf Club Baudour Hainaut
Golf Club Enghien Enghien Hainaut
Royal Golf Club Du Hainaut Erbisoeul Hainaut
Golf Club De Pierpont Frasnes-lez-Gosselies Hainaut
Royal Golf Club Sart Tilman Angleur Liège
Golf Club Mergelhof Gemmenich Liège
Spiegelven Golf Club Genk Liège
International Gomz Gomze-Andoumont Liège
Golf & Country Club Henri-Chapelle Henri-Chapelle Liège
Pro1Golf Golf Liege Liege Liège
Golf Du Haras Pepinster Liège
Royal Golf Club des Fagnes Spa Liège
Greenhouse Golf St. Vith St. Vith Liège
Golf Blue Green Durbuy Barvaux-sur-Ourthe Limburg
Flanders Nippon Golf & Business Club Hasselt Limburg
Limburg Golf & Country Club Houthalen Limburg
Golf Forum Lummen Lummen Limburg
Millennium Golf Club Paal-Beringen Limburg
Florennes Avia Golf Club Florennes Luxembourg
Golf D Virton Luxembourg