Muḩāfaz̧at Ta‘izz

Location Summary
Currency and Currency Code:
Rial - YER
Spoken languages:
Local electricity:
230 V - 50 Hz (plugs: A, D, G)
Mobile phone / cellular frequencies (MHz):
900 MHz, 3G
Country phone prefix:
Local Time (capital):
UTC/GMT offset: hours
Current travel safety evaluation for Yemen in Western Asia

Safety Score: 5,0 of 5.0 based on data from 9 authorites. Meaning it is not safe to travel Yemen.

Travel warnings are updated daily. Source: Travel Warning Yemen. Last Update: 2021-03-08 08:31:41

Top places

Directory of places in Mawza

Mawza is an administrative entity of lower level in Muḩāfaz̧at Ta‘izz Yemen (e.g. a state, region or larger metropolitan area). To look up a specific place, pick the beginning letter of its name below. Locations are ordered alphabetically.

List of places in Mawza

Name of place
Ad Daḩīm
Ad Darābī
Ad Darābiḩ
Ad Darāghamah
Ad Duwaydah
Aḑ Ḑuwayḩah
Aḑ Ḑuwayḩah
Aḑ Ḑuwayḩah
Adh Dhanabah
Al Aktu
Al Bakrah
Al Barādah
Al Ba‘ayşī
Al Buhayshah
Al Ghullah
Al Ghullah
Al Ghurāfī
Al Ḩabābī
Al Ḩadabah
Al Ḩadd
Al Ḩaddādīn
Al Hajibah
Al Ḩajīr
Al Ḩāmilī
Al Hāmilī
Al Ḩanjarah
Al Ḩaqīrah
Al Ḩarazah
Al Ḩujfah
Al Hulaybah
Al Ḩumaydah
Al Jadīr
Al Jāhilī
Al Jannah
Al Jawnī
Al Jubayl
Al Juraybah
Al Jurūbah
Al Kadarah
Al Khaḑīrah
Al Kuwayrah
Al Maḑbāyah
Al Maḑla‘
Al Maḩākilah
Al Maḩmarī
Al Malāqī
Al Malḩah
Al Maqra‘ayn
Al Maqşāb
Al Marātimah
Al Marīrīyah
Al Mazḩājah
Al Miḩāwīyah
Al Muqaz̧z̧az̧
Al Murrah
Al Mu‘ayţah
Al Qamārīyah
Al Qaryah
Al Qiţān
Al Qulay‘ah
Al Qurayn
Al Quţay‘ah
Al Wadn
Al Waḩiz
Al Waḩiz
Al Yahūdī
Al ‘Aqabah
Al ‘Aqīqīn
Al ‘Aqmah
Al ‘Aqqah
Al ‘Ashshah
Al ‘Ubaynah
Al ‘Uḑaybā’
Al ‘Umayrīyah
Al ‘Urayq