Aflah Ash Shawm
Muḩāfaz̧at Ḩajjah

Location Summary
Currency and Currency Code:
Rial - YER
Spoken languages:
Local electricity:
230 V - 50 Hz (plugs: A, D, G)
Mobile phone / cellular frequencies (MHz):
900 MHz, 3G
Country phone prefix:
Local Time (capital):
UTC/GMT offset: hours
Current travel safety evaluation for Yemen in Western Asia

Safety Score: 5,0 of 5.0 based on data from 9 authorites. Meaning it is not safe to travel Yemen.

Travel warnings are updated daily. Source: Travel Warning Yemen. Last Update: 2020-07-11 07:20:57

Top places

Directory of places in Aflah Ash Shawm

Aflah Ash Shawm is an administrative entity of lower level in Muḩāfaz̧at Ḩajjah Yemen (e.g. a state, region or larger metropolitan area). To look up a specific place, pick the beginning letter of its name below. Locations are ordered alphabetically.

List of places in Aflah Ash Shawm

Name of place
Abū Thammah
Ad Daman
Ad Darb
Adh Dhārī
Adh Dhirā‘
Adh Dhirā‘
Al Aqsām
Al Aqsām
Al Bad‘ī
Al Bariḩ
Al Fadjār
Al Ghamrah
Al Ghawārib
Al Ghurayf
Al Ghurfah
Al Ḩājab
Al Ḩāriqah
Al Ḩāsir
Al Ḩathrah
Al Ḩawd
Al Ḩayfah al Gharbīyah
Al Ḩayfah ash Sharqīyah
Al Ḩāzah
Al Ḩāzah
Al Ḩisānah
Al Hudhaylah
Al Ikhwāḑ
Al Jalāyam
Al Jarab
Al Jawād
Al Jaww
Al Jirūbah
Al Jirūbah
Al Jubhah
Al Kawlah as Sawdā’
Al Kayyad
Al Ka‘bīyah al Gharbīyah
Al Ka‘bīyah ash Sharqīyah
Al Khadhlah
Al Khibāyah
Al Khirāb
Al Khurbah
Al Khurshibah
Al Laşīyah
Al Mabrak
Al Madrām
Al Mafraq
Al Maftūqah
Al Maghāfal
Al Maghribah
Al Maghribah al ‘Ulyā
Al Maghribah as Suflá
Al Maḩāwī
Al Maḩrāq
Al Maḩşī
Al Maḩyūl
Al Majrab
Al Majrab
Al Makān
Al Makhrash
Al Maliţah
Al Maqāyīr
Al Maqza‘
Al Marāwigh
Al Marāwigh
Al Marjalah
Al Mashrafīyah
Al Masiqá
Al Masnab
Al Mathāwī al A‘lá
Al Mawjar
Al Mayjānah
Al Ma‘ţin
Al Midābil