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Gunna Kalan in Punjab (region) is a place in Pakistan - about 122 mi (or 196 km) South-East of Islamabad, the country's capital city.

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1# Sialkoti Pigeon Breeds - UAETIPPLERS PRESENTATION

Duration: 05:37 min
Uploaded: September 30, 2009
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These are slideshow pictures of some of the very famous breeds which belong to sialkot city. The city is worldly reknown for its sports goods manufacturing but its been famous in subcontinent for its pigeon breedings also. the world today see a sky full of these master breeds bred by sialkoti ustaads in their era. have a look and enjoy watching. thanks, Agha Belal Khan

2# Pind Garhi Bora Sialkot

Duration: 03:09 min
Uploaded: June 13, 2008
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Ghari Bora Near Jammu Border

3# Jammu to Srinagar journey by car...Enjoying Natrue Smile.always's photos around Jammu, India

Duration: 00:57 min
Uploaded: November 16, 2010
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4# Lali Industries (Pvt) Ltd.

Duration: 10:32 min
Uploaded: January 02, 2011
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It is our pleasure to introduce our selves in the field of sporting goods. Lali Industries (Pvt) Ltd. is a group of companies, is one of the world's leading Manufacturers of hand sewn/stitched footballs / soccer balls Located in the world's capital of sports balls manufacturing city Sialkot, Pakistan! Established in 1961. WE ARE ISO9002 CERTIFIED AND PRODUCE CHID LABOUR FREE PRODUCTS. We take a strict stance against child labor and strive to eliminate the practice in the sporting goods industry in Pakistan. Lali Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Balls Manufacturing Production: Footballs / Soccer Balls, Hand Balls, Punching Balls, Rugby Balls, Volley Balls & Mini Balls. Panels: 12, 18 and 32 panels. Weight: 32 panel Footballs / Soccer Balls range in weight from 280 to 450 grams. Stitching Material: Thread tear cabled nylon 6.6 or equivalent full section crossed or acrylic rot proof. We also deal Sporting Goods Like: Boxing glove sets, sport gloves of all kinds, tracksuits, jackets and T-Shirts in all type of stuff. QUALITY STANDARD 1) Our products have been proved EN-71 PART-1, 2, 3 and 6. Azoic Free Ink. PAH Search. Six Phthalate (DBP, DEHP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, DNOP)from world famous BioLab. Italy. We affirm our guarantee against any legitimate manufacturing defects. All goods are free from any hazardous elements as we use non-toxic coating ink of Byre - Germany quite safe for any hazardous manners. 2) 1st Grade selected material is used in all production. No recycling material is used ...

5# Happy Happy Gift Point My Daska City Singer Naseer Ahmed Editing By Dr.M.Umar Zafar.mpg

Duration: 00:54 min
Uploaded: December 15, 2009
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Happy Happy Gift Point My Daska City , Daska City Recorded By Naseer Ahmed Editing by Dr.Umar Zafar My Daska City . Daska Best Cable Commercials.

6# Wedding Mujra Dance in Sialkot, Pakistan

Duration: 02:36 min
Uploaded: November 20, 2012
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Wedding/Shadi Mujra Dance in Sialkot, Pakistan . . . . . TAGS GO HERE: "sialkot mujra" "islamabad mujra" "peshawar mujra" "multan mujra" "pakistan wedding mujra" "shadi mujra pakistan" "pakistan shadi mujra" "hot mujra" "Sexy mujra" "private mujra" "mujra songs punjabi" "mujra songs India"

7# Celebration of Eid-Milad-Un-Nabi 2010

Duration: 10:27 min
Uploaded: March 05, 2010
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12-Rabi-Ul-Awwal-1431 Hijri (Saturday, 27-Feb-2010) Friday Raat 07:11pm Sea Ham Or Hamarea Saath Hassan Or Usman Saad Bhai Ka Entzaar Kar Rahea thea, Kafi Dair K Baad 10:26pm Pa Jab Wo KammanWala Sea Tashreef Layea to Hamean Bahut Acha Laga, Kuch Dair K Baad KammanWala Or Chapraar Sea Saad Bhai K Kuch Or Dost B Tashreef Lea Aayea, Friday Raat 02:11am tak Eid Milad-Un-Nabi Ki Khushi Mean Logo Nea Jo Sajawat Ki thi, Ham Us Ronak Or Sajawat Ko Daikhtea Rahea Or Photos Shoot Kartea Rahea, Raat 03:26am Pa Soyea Or 04:26am Pa Utt Gea, Milaad Shareef Ki Khushi Nea Hamean to Etna Sonea Hi Na Diya, Lekin Bachea to Fir Bachea Hi Hotea Hean, Saad, Hassan Usman, Hamza Or Umer Kafi Dair tak Sotea Rahea, Fajjar K Baad Bijli Chali Gai Or WAPDA Walo Nea Bijli Band Kar K Apni Moujoodgi Ka Ehsaas Dilaya, Aik Gantea K Baad Jab Bijli Aai to Kaprea Press Kiyea, Ready Ho Kar 10:11am Pa Hassan, Usman Or Saad Ko Jagaya Jab K Hamza Pehlea Sea Jaag Raha tha Or Umer Sota Raha, Sab Ready Ho Kar Stage K Paas Pohanch Gea, Yea Hamara Yaadgaar Din tha, Bachpan Mean Hamarea Walid Sahib Nea Hamean Yea Bandz Dikhayea thea, Guzishta 18 Salo Sea Hamari Khawahish thi K 12 Rabi-Ul-Awwal Ko Ziakot (Sialkot) K Mash-Hoo-Ro Maroof Bandz K Groups Or Jalosez Ko Daikhean, Par Har Dafa Koi Na Koi Masla Hojata tha, Kabi Ham Bahut Bz Hotea thea to Kabi Ziakot (Sialkot) Sea Bahir, Guzishta 3 Saalo Sea to Ham Nea Har Dafa Yea Bola K iS Dafa to Zaroor Daikhean Gea Par Fir Koi Na Koi Masla Ho Jata, Lekin Aaj 18 Saal K Baad ...

8# Memories of Fr. Nathaneil Kuku a Capuchain Priest in Arch Dioces of Lahore .WMV

Duration: 01:25 min
Uploaded: August 06, 2010
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Funeral Ceremony of Fr. Nathaniel Kuku at Lahore Bethania Hospital Sialkot dedicated this video to all friends of Father.

9# Honda CG125 re-mod DUB EDITION

Duration: 03:20 min
Uploaded: June 24, 2012
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Tuned my cg 125 1992 model again and now in dub edition. if u want to ask questions or contact me u can link up with me here at FACE BOOK ( or my fone number +923034991282...

10# Atif Aslam New Song Teri Yadein 2012 Editting By - Imran Khan Baloch Sialkot Contact : +923348042033

Duration: 04:02 min
Uploaded: June 28, 2012
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My Name Is Imran Khan Baloch I am Professional Photographer House : City Sialkot Cantt (Pakistan) Contact : +923348042033 Email : wesuite :

11# Vice Chancellor UOG visit ghazi foundation Sialkot

Duration: 17:16 min
Uploaded: September 07, 2012
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PROF DR MOHAMMAD NIZAMUDDIN VICE CHANCELLOR UNIVERSITY OF GUJRAT ADDRESSES GHAZI FOUNDATION AWARD CEREMONY AT SIALKOT It is a happy surprise to find 450 Graduates under one roof, who have come to receive their awards today. Ghazi Foundation has contributed towards their achievement. Since academy solely deals with English Languages and literature I must place before you the dilemma that the nation is facing vis-à-vis quality of English Language among our academics which has consider deteriorated and HEC has been engaged with this alarming issue for the last decade. I personally am convinced that for higher education English Language, the lingua France of the world, is the best language and we should continue endeavoring to improve the quality of English Language rather than looking towards other available options. We have already developed a Modern Language Learning Centre (MLLC) at UOG where we have established two language labs. It is promoting English French and German languages and soon we are going to introduce chinese language also. Other institutions can also share our experience and skills in the promotion of Languages. Sialkot's business community in playing a very salutary role in national development. Sialkot Airport and many other projects bear witness to their commitment towards social development. I salute their spirit of communal and social development . One of my great teachers Prof. Aslam Shah once Chairman social work Department Karachi and one Mr ...

12# wo chand sunehri sa,,By Sonu G ,,03054211097

Duration: 05:13 min
Uploaded: July 07, 2012
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My Name is Sonu Chand ,from Pakistan's City Narowal.& I am a Student of I.Com first year ... & I am Muslim ,

13# baba sud bhatti sialkot Gunga.3gp in gunda gardi

Duration: 00:29 min
Uploaded: April 27, 2012
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14# Jamia masjid abbot road

Duration: 01:59 min
Uploaded: November 13, 2009
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A very old mosque which i srebuilt again Maulana Zubair Sahab Maulana Shah Muhammad Sahab etc Are khateebs of this mosque

15# Fanta Game Sialkot Pakistan,Enjoy thandi coke

Duration: 01:45 min
Uploaded: May 08, 2012
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This is fanta game in coca cola factory sialkot.Enjoy this video and thandi coke.

16# Me and Dr. Fahad Roaming on Streets of Sialkot Pakistan

Duration: 05:48 min
Uploaded: June 25, 2012
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We made this YABLEEE late night at twelve after returning from Frangoze.

17# ahmed g sialkot

Duration: 03:34 min
Uploaded: April 08, 2012
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Ahmed g sialkot

18# Shrinigar Last Days Kiteboarder's photos around Shrinigar, India (is airport open in shrinigar)

Duration: 01:23 min
Uploaded: April 26, 2011
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19# Fashion Shoes Sialkot

Duration: 01:24 min
Uploaded: June 18, 2012
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All ladies gents and kids variety available there in fashion shoes at Circular Road Rung Pura Chock SIALKOT.

20# Attas bhalli with bike

Duration: 07:47 min
Uploaded: July 03, 2012
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Throh mandi Area


Duration: 02:14 min
Uploaded: July 06, 2012
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22# Uras Aastana Aaliya Hazrat Peer Syed Ali Hasan {RA}

Duration: 10:09 min
Uploaded: June 10, 2012
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Mehfil-e-Samaa, Urs Hazrat Peer Syed Ali Hasan {RA}.

23# Blue Moon 31/08/2012

Duration: 01:00 min
Uploaded: September 01, 2012
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