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Turicuaro in Michoacán (region) is located in Mexico - about 174 mi (or 279 km) West of Mexico City, the country's capital town.

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1# Mexican voters 'threatened by drug cartel'

Duration: 02:04 min
Uploaded: November 24, 2011
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Mexican authorities have promised to ensure that next year's presidential elections are not undermined by drug-related violence. The pledge follows the release of an audio recording containing threats by an alleged drug trafficker to people voting in recent state elections in Michoacan. Al Jazeera's Franc Contreras reports from Mexico City

2# Narcotraficantes GTA MEXICO

Duration: 05:32 min
Uploaded: November 14, 2011
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Un saludo pa toda la raza de michoacan cabronees y al que no le paresca que se lo pique.

3# Tingambato michoacan

Duration: 01:18 min
Uploaded: February 03, 2011
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Jaripeoooo :)


Duration: 02:24 min
Uploaded: February 26, 2009
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San juan tumbio

5# A week at an ecovillage in Michoacan Mexico

Duration: 07:01 min
Uploaded: February 07, 2010
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January, 2010, A video blog for the Bosque Village in Michoacan Mexico. Various volunteers enjoy their wwoofing experience in a small ecovillage

6# Erongaricuaro on February 14 2011

Duration: 06:55 min
Uploaded: March 01, 2011
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Happy Valentine's Day! Drive on Baby, drive on. Potential expansion of programs into the Central Mexican Mountain Highlands

7# Actividades /Activities in the Bosque Village

Duration: 04:03 min
Uploaded: January 22, 2011
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Some of the activities of people in the Bosque Village. Español: English: Archery Astronomy - We have a telescope for viewing the moon and stars at night. Badminton - We have a net and raquets to check out. Birdwatching - The Bosque Village is filled with an amazing variety of birds. We have a set of binoculars available and a guide to birds of Mexico. Campfires -Enjoy a campfire during the evening. Learn to make a campfire safely and perhaps do some outdoor

8# Public transport: how to get to the Bosque Village and walk in with a guide

Duration: 04:01 min
Uploaded: January 10, 2011
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How to get to the Bosque Village from Morelia on Public transport and then walking into the Bosque with one of our guides. The walk is about 2.5 kilometers on a trail. You must have a prior reservation! And you must have an appointment with a guide! An intentional community and permaculture farm in Mexico

9# Nahuatzen Michoacan 16/08/2011

Duration: 08:22 min
Uploaded: December 10, 2012
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Festividades de Nahutzen Michoacan antes de la fiesta grande de San Luis Rey

10# Mexique Michoacan

Duration: 08:39 min
Uploaded: October 29, 2012
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Souvenirs photographiques rapportés par Jean-Claude et Gisèle BRY de leurs nombreux et longs séjours au Mexique, dans les Etats de Oaxaca et du MIchoacan .. Musique : site Jamento - Voir le blog : LA VIGIE blésoise

11# 4Cosas-4things-H 264 LAN Streaming mov

Duration: 01:44 min
Uploaded: February 25, 2011
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Video de las cosas que puedes hacer en el Bosque Village

12# In the Monarch butterfly migration

Duration: 00:15 min
Uploaded: October 03, 2012
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It doesn't get much better than this! I shot this on our 2010 Monarch butterfly trip. Visit and sign up for our next trip and this could be you!

13# Zirahuen lake viewed from its northern shore

Duration: 00:38 min
Uploaded: July 19, 2012
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You can view a small popular eatery just a few meters from the shore! A great place to have a breakfast with Doña Silvia! Aqui una vista desde la orilla norte del lago, desayunando en el puestecito de comida de Doña Silvia

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