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Janamuato in Michoacán (region) is a city located in Mexico - about 167 mi (or 268 km) West of Mexico City, the country's capital town.

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1# Jonas Brothers - SOS Live in Mexico City

Duration: 02:43 min
Uploaded: May 21, 2008
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Video de los Jonas Brothers del concierto en la Ciudad De México el 18 de abril de 2008

2# Brilliant UFO in the Sky ( February 5, 2010 )

Duration: 05:30 min
Uploaded: March 28, 2010
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Object located to the northeast which remained static for several minutes after travel eastward out of the reach of the video camera.

3# Tropical Jungle Waterfalls in Mexico

Duration: 01:21 min
Uploaded: July 09, 2011
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From the Global Village Travel Guide DVD's http (limited quantities) Mexico stock footage: Transcript Just outside Palenque even deeper in the misty Lacandon rain forest is this ethereal waterfall known as Misol-ha. Travellers are drawn here to relax in an earthly paradise, enveloped by the beauty of the lush jungle canopy. The deep blue color of the cascading water at Agua Azul is said to be the result of particles of reflected tourquoise in the river. Over 500 individual falls converge in a dramatic display. Downstream beyond the rapids are tranquil pools that offer a refreshing respite after a day of tropical heat. Just a few steps into the nearby jungle are Indian villages inhabited by people who continue to live a simple lifestyle barely affected by the outside world. Many of these people are descended from pure Mayan ancestry and speak very little Spanish. The tropical forest that encompasses the Mayan archaeological heritage of Mexico is at risk as the population continues to soar at a record pace. Countless miles of jungle have disappeared forever as they are cleared for cattle grazing. Only 15% of the Lacandon rain forest remains. Awareness of the problem is growing but solutions seem as far away as the ancient civilizations that once thrived in the jungles.

4# Cry 4 the Congo

Duration: 02:32 min
Uploaded: August 01, 2009
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Why is everyone focusing the attention on the Sudan when the worst genocide in Africa is being perpetraited by the majority Christian Congo?

5# McCartney: Got to Get You Into my Life! en la Ciudad de México

Duration: 03:03 min
Uploaded: June 12, 2010
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Esta es una de las tres canciones diferentes que Paul cantó en su primer concierto respecto del segundor, ambos efectuados en la Ciudad de México los días 27 y 28de mayo de 2010. Las otras dos canciones del primer show fueron: I'm looking through you y Two of us, las del dìa siguiente fueron: Drive my car, I¡ve just seen a face y And I love her.

6# Let's Play Alco Trigger - Part ⅛ (Colin Baker Beckons)

Duration: 01:21 min
Uploaded: December 04, 2009
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If Magus joined the party, he departs to search for Schala. Crono's mother accidentally enters the time gate at the fair before it closes, prompting Crono, Marle, and Lucca to set out in the Epoch to find her while fireworks light up the night sky.[25] Alternatively, if the party used the Epoch to break Lavos's outer shell, Marle will help her father hang Nadia's bell at the festival and accidentally get carried away by several balloons. Crono jumps on to help her, but cannot bring them down to earth. Hanging on in each others arms, the pair travel through the cloudy, moonlit sky. Chrono Trigger DS added two new scenarios to the game.[13] In the first, Crono and his friends can help a "lost sanctum" of Reptites, who reward powerful items and armor. The second scenario adds ties to Trigger's sequel, Chrono Cross.[13] In a New Game +, the group can explore several temporal distortions to combat shadow versions of Crono, Marle, and Lucca, and to fight Dalton, who promises in defeat to raise an army in the town of Porre to destroy the Kingdom of Guardia.[26] The group can then fight the Dream Devourer, a prototypical form of the Time Devourer—a fusion of Schala and Lavos seen in Chrono Cross. A version of Magus pleads with Schala to resist; though she recognizes him as her brother, she refuses to be helped and sends him away. Magus subsequently erases his memories and awakens in a forest, determined to find what he had lost.[27]

7# Atheist Live at Mexico City - Piece of Time @ Circo Volador

Duration: 04:31 min
Uploaded: June 07, 2011
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El clásico de la banda old school tech death metal ATHEIST: "Piece of Time". Última rola del concierto que se llevo a cabo el 6 de abril del 2011. Una experiencia sin igual estár presente. PD LAMENTO MUCHO LA CALIDAD DEL SONIDO.

8# Aranza cumple 80 Gonzalo.mp4

Duration: 01:21 min
Uploaded: November 14, 2012
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Una fiesta con danzas purepechas en el cumpleaños 80, Baialando el festejado

9# Ships on the Roof Ships on the Roof [Instrumental]

Duration: 06:33 min
Uploaded: November 29, 2011
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Ships on the Roof es un duo de Blues-Rock de la CD de Mexico Puedes Checar el Myspace de la banda: Facebook:

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