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Senoc in Komuna e Rahovecit (region) is a town in Kosovo - about 33 mi (or 53 km) South-West of Pristina, the country's capital city.

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1# Gjakova prizren

Duration: 00:25 min
Uploaded: December 04, 2006
Views: 9,880 - Rating: 5/5
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2# Delet

Duration: 01:11 min
Uploaded: February 14, 2009
Views: 8,783 - Rating: 5/5
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Delet ne kosov

3# The shocking truth of the war in Kosovo 1-4

Duration: 09:56 min
Uploaded: November 04, 2009
Views: 2,019 - Rating: 0/5
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Shocking images showing terrible Serbian genocide in Kosova. Serbians are claiming ICJ opinion about Kosova unilateral Declaration of Independence. After seeing this images anyone can do the right interpretation of this claims. This video is in Italian. I will try to find out how to subtitle it

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