Kolongan Atas in North Sulawesi (region) is a place in Indonesia - about 1,341 mi (or 2,157 km) North-East of Jakarta, the country's capital city. To learn more about Kolongan Atas in general, check the Kolongan Atas destination guide. These are some of the noteworthy things about this place.


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Battle of Manado

Located at 1.25, 124.78 (Lat. / Lng.), less than 8 mi away.
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The Battle of Manado was a battle of the Pacific Theatre of World War II. It occurred at Manado (also spelled Menado) on the Minahasa peninsula on the northern part of the island of Celebes (now known as Sulawesi), from 11–13 January 1942 as an attempt to open a passage to attack Australia through the eastern part of Dutch East Indies.

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Located at 1.25, 124.78 (Lat. / Lng.), less than 18 mi away.
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Bitung is a city on the northern coast of the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. It is in the province of North Sulawesi, and faces Lembeh Island and the Lembeh Strait, which is known for its colorful marine life, in particular sea slugs. Bitung has a population of 187,932 at the 2010 Census.

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Christ Blessing

Located at 1.25, 124.78 (Lat. / Lng.), less than 14 mi away.
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Christ Blessing (in Manado language is Kristus kase Berkat) is a statue of Jesus Christ in Manado City, Indonesia. The structure stands 50 metres (158.3 feet) tall and consists of 20 metres of pedestal and 30 metres of statue. It is made of 25 tonnes of metal fibre and 35 tonnes of steel, and is located at the peak of the CitraLand residential estate. This statue has become a new icon of Manado city and as of 2010, it is Asia's 2nd tallest and the world's 4th tallest statue of Christ (excluding the pedestal it was erected on).

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Klabat Stadium

Located at 1.25, 124.78 (Lat. / Lng.), less than 15 mi away.
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Klabat Stadium is a multi-use stadium in Manado, Indonesia. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is used as the home venue for Manado United. The stadium holds 10,000 people. The stadium is used for the friendly match between PSV Eindhoven and Persma Manado in the era of the 90s.

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Manado International School

Located at 1.25, 124.78 (Lat. / Lng.), less than 18 mi away.
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Manado International School (MIS) is a private Christian institution which provides education from Kindergarten age (K1) to Senior High School (Grade 12). MIS was the first school in the region to be granted an international school license by the National Education Department as a school of international standard (Sekolah Berstandar International). All sections of MIS are accredited by the Badan Akreditasi Sekolah Nasional of Indonesia, with "A" (excellent) classifications. Students enrolled at MIS come from countries such as Australia, Sweden, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Singapore, Japan, Germany, Papua New Guinea, Korea and Indonesia. All graduating students of Grade 6, 9 and 12 receive an MIS Diploma of Study from MIS International Standard exams, as well as choosing to take the National Examinations as a prerequisite to study in other Indonesian schools and universities. Several graduating students in grade 12 have also been accepted into overseas universities.

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Located at 1.25, 124.78 (Lat. / Lng.), less than 6 mi away.
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Tomohon is a city in North Sulawesi or Sulawesi Utara in Indonesia. Initially, Tomohon is a part of the Minahasa regency in North Sulawesi. There was a time when the inhabitants felt the necessity of upgrading the status of their residence into an autonomous city on behalf of its approach to community service. Tomohon officially became a city in the year of 2003 by the passage of the Act of Republic Indonesia No.10 of the year 2003 about the establishment of South Minahasa Regency and Tomohon city within North Sulawesi Province and was inaugurated on August 4. Tomohon is known for flower planting at people's homes. Nearby is the Volcano Gunung Lokon or Mount Lokon and Mount Empung. Tomohon is also known for wooden house production, palm sugar (aren) production, vegetable agriculture, and as a center of Christian Ministry and as a student town. Tomohon also has a local TV station, TV 5 Dimensi, with services available to 2,5 million viewers in North Sulawesi.

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Located at 1.25, 124.78 (Lat. / Lng.), less than 5 mi away.
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Tompaso is a highland subdistrict located about 45 km southwest of Manado in Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. It also refers to a sub-tribe as part of larger Tontemboan tribe in the Minahasa ethnic group.

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