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Algiers in Alger (region) with it's 1,977,663 inhabitants is located in Algeria and is the capital city of this country.

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Duration: 03:10 min
Uploaded: January 05, 2011
Views: 498 - Rating: 5/5
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Vous êtes de Douera الدويرة alor clique j'aime sur la page et partage la page de Douèra City.

2# Air Algerie AH 2054

Duration: 00:34 min
Uploaded: December 08, 2012
Views: 35 - Rating: 5/5
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A gud view of Algiers airport and the tower

3# DOUERA CITY- 2011

Duration: 03:34 min
Uploaded: January 05, 2011
Views: 796 - Rating: 5/5
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4# leon present

Duration: 00:15 min
Uploaded: November 20, 2012
Views: 4 - Rating: 5/5
uploaded by:

A fantastic travel with leon

5# Dj N-one Electric city mix part 2

Duration: 06:33 min
Uploaded: October 28, 2011
Views: 25 - Rating: 5/5
uploaded by:

Dj N-one officiel facebook page

6# Der Muezzin in Algier Hydra

Duration: 01:36 min
Uploaded: February 23, 2012
Views: 252 - Rating: 5/5
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Der Muezzin in Algier Hydra kurz nach 13h, 5 mal am Tag. Das fängt morgens um sechs an, im Sommer auch schon um 4 und geht bis in die Nacht. Infos zu dem, was er da so ruft bei: Le muezzin d'Alger Hydra

7# iDrive in Algiers by night Alger rue Didouche Mourad

Duration: 04:16 min
Uploaded: January 25, 2009
Views: 3,235 - Rating: 5/5
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Descente de la rue Didouche Mourad pendant la nuit, Alger rue Didouche Mourad, Algiers by night, street Didouche Mourad

8# Balade à Hammam Melouane

Duration: 04:25 min
Uploaded: December 19, 2010
Views: 1,814 - Rating: 5/5
uploaded by:

Hammam Melouane est une commune montagneuse de la wilaya de Blida.

9# telemly pour samtramp75

Duration: 05:49 min
Uploaded: December 28, 2007
Views: 6,656 - Rating: 5/5
uploaded by:

Telemly pour samtramp75

10# Icone de l Assomption Dormition de la Sainte Vierge Marie 1/2 en français

Duration: 09:43 min
Uploaded: May 25, 2010
Views: 298 - Rating: 5/5
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11# take me away- lifehouse

Duration: 03:57 min
Uploaded: November 27, 2009
Views: 3,779 - Rating: 5/5
uploaded by:

Cette chanson je l'adore le montage sur cette video c moi qui l'a fait biensur c pour mon mari que je lai faite à MKYoucef mon chéri et à qui j'appartiendrai toute la vie a tous les gens qui ont aimé , aime ou aimeront je vous le garantie c la plus belle chose dans toute la vie enjoy it !!!! xD n'oubliez surtout pas de voir mon autre video de daniel bedingfield "if you're not the one" je vous garantie qu'elle est super romantique n'hesitez pas voici le lien :

12# Stratovarius - Event horizon [LyRiCs]

Duration: 04:24 min
Uploaded: January 11, 2011
Views: 8,238 - Rating: 5/5
uploaded by:

Standing outside in darkness My breath is steaming The skies open wide I hear the silent screaming Deep in the dark, somewhere in space Spinning around, leaving no trace Nothing escapes And the boundaries been breached All matter and shape Destination's reached! The star dies, collapsing in its core End of the journey, it won't be seen anymore! I can see the point of no return And when the light is slowly turning to red light years away, there's no concern A force of gravity, event horizon lies ahead!


Duration: 02:14 min
Uploaded: January 19, 2008
Views: 1,036 - Rating: 5/5
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14# 5000 Da le voyage au Soudan

Duration: 06:04 min
Uploaded: November 15, 2009
Views: 4,628 - Rating: 5/5
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15# Airbus A330 Leaving Algiers 16

Duration: 03:04 min
Uploaded: September 26, 2010
Views: 749 - Rating: 5/5
uploaded by:

VOL Air Algerie SEPT.2010 Petite caméra embarqué , faisant un joli film et donnant une belle vue d'Alger et sur les bords - Algerie ALG Alger La Blanche Algeria / Algiers ( 16 ) AirBus A330 - Mer méditerranée

16# In Algiers,Africa Blog #12

Duration: 05:42 min
Uploaded: September 21, 2009
Views: 235 - Rating: 5/5
uploaded by:

Behind the scenes with The Bernard Allison Group in Algier, North Africa, where they performed at the Pan-African Festival.

17# Matoub Lounès - TADUKLI (L'AMITIE). Sous titrée en Tamaziɣt ainsi qu'en Français

Duration: 05:58 min
Uploaded: December 12, 2012
Views: 86 - Rating: 5/5
uploaded by:

Transcription en Tamazight et traduction en Français tirées de l'ouvrage: Lounès Matoub MON NOM EST COMBAT, de Yalla Seddiki. Paru aux éditions La Découverte. Bonne écoute à toutes et tous.

18# chanson du feuilletton dikra el akhira ramadan 2010 algérie A3

Duration: 02:51 min
Uploaded: September 17, 2010
Views: 117,043 - Rating: 4.82609/5
uploaded by:

Feuilletion el dikra el akhira, pendant le ramadan 2010, Traduction le "dernier souvenir", diffusée par le groupe ENTV pour A3 et canal algérie. histoire de social de l'éducation et d'un père dur et autoritaire qui a eu des conséquences sur les enfants en age d'adultes (rachid, rania, hakima, halima, ryad, kamel). la bande original est chantée par Mohamed Sghir dit " med sghir ". Avec comme acteurs(trices) azzedine bouraghda, nawel zaatar, zounaida bouyahyaoui, malika belbey, yasmine. Arrangement et son par Barded. réalisation film Mustapha El AIEB الدكرىالأخيرةمسلسل

19# Une petite balade à Alger (HD)

Duration: 10:10 min
Uploaded: July 27, 2012
Views: 4,036 - Rating: 4.48387/5
uploaded by:

Fi khater tout les algériens et ness el Ghorba

20# Happy New Year 2013

Duration: 01:06 min
Uploaded: September 08, 2012
Views: 373 - Rating: 3.66667/5
uploaded by:

Prochaine fois 2013 salut :-)

21# Mercedes C 220 CDI

Duration: 01:01 min
Uploaded: June 04, 2009
Views: 3,246 - Rating: 3.66667/5
uploaded by:

@75 Paris

22# nouno16 au park de ben aknoune 2009

Duration: 02:10 min
Uploaded: March 17, 2009
Views: 2,974 - Rating: 3.66667/5
uploaded by:

Ces moi dans le park dans le bateau ah

23# Le Tramway d'Alger - Banlieue Est (Algérie) 1/2 - by algerisch

Duration: 07:01 min
Uploaded: May 24, 2009
Views: 8,045 - Rating: 3/5
uploaded by:

Copyright (c) riadovic2009 Qallek Noureddine Khababa houa li djab el projet b'les vidéos dyaoulou

24# Alcatraz Vol 2

Duration: 03:01 min
Uploaded: October 13, 2012
Views: 224 - Rating: 2.71429/5
uploaded by:

Rap Algerien

25# Air Algerie AH2055 from London Heathrow landing in Algiers very late

Duration: 01:08 min
Uploaded: December 08, 2012
Views: 34 - Rating: 0/5
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More then 3 hours late what a service

26# Air Algerie 737-800 taking of from London Heathrow

Duration: 03:37 min
Uploaded: December 08, 2012
Views: 49 - Rating: 0/5
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Very late and not a happy customer ,,,well they dont care

27# Ryanair Landing in Oslo Norway

Duration: 05:33 min
Uploaded: December 08, 2012
Views: 14 - Rating: 0/5
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28# Air Algerie Flight Ah2055 from London taking off very late

Duration: 02:19 min
Uploaded: December 08, 2012
Views: 27 - Rating: 0/5
uploaded by:

Again and again late as ever , we get use to it now

29# Water - An Endless Search

Duration: 52:32 min
Uploaded: June 14, 2012
Views: 141 - Rating: 0/5
uploaded by:

In this episode of "Water - The Drop of Life", we focus on the never-ending search for water. From the hunter bushmen in the Kalahari Desert to the inhabitants of Mexico City, this installment examines water scarcity problems. In Chile, nets capture fog. In Petra, Jordan, we see ancient water systems. In Australia, a cattle breeder gains knowledge from the Aborigines. In Yemen, groundwater tables are sinking and this country might be the first to run dry. Cities like Los Angeles are facing some of the same challenges as Yemen. In Egypt an effort is under way to transform the desert into a fruitful oasis using a new technology called DriWater. At the Johnson Space Flight Center in Texas, new technologies may one day help preserve water both in space and on Earth. Reverse osmosis is one promising method of reducing the cost of desalination. Farmers along the coasts of Europe and North America may one day farm native sea vegetables.

30# Ryanair Landing in Olso Norway

Duration: 03:35 min
Uploaded: December 08, 2012
Views: 5 - Rating: 0/5
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31# Ryanair Mins befor Landing in Oslo

Duration: 01:05 min
Uploaded: December 07, 2012
Views: 7 - Rating: 0/5
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32# Entretien avec Fatima Zohra BOUCHEMLA - Avocat associé - Cabinet Lefèvre Pelletier & associés

Duration: 00:55 min
Uploaded: October 09, 2012
Views: 108 - Rating: 0/5
uploaded by:

Propos recueillis par Hamza BOUCHAMA (Président du comité d'organisation du colloque - REAGE) Colloque ALGÉRIE : POTENTIEL DE CROISSANCE ET OPPORTUNITÉS D'INVESTISSEMENT à Paris le 11 octobre 2012 Informations : Inscriptions :

33# parkour in the city

Duration: 04:14 min
Uploaded: June 16, 2012
Views: 62 - Rating: 0/5
uploaded by:

Un melange de touts

34# bb dance

Duration: 04:16 min
Uploaded: December 12, 2008
Views: 183 - Rating: 0/5
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35# Working in Algiers Jomama's photos around Algiers, Algeria (algiers algeria)

Duration: 02:30 min
Uploaded: April 04, 2011
Views: 291 - Rating: 0/5
uploaded by:

Preview of Jomama's blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Learn more about these videos:

36# sweet sweet sweet trip2012

Duration: 01:31 min
Uploaded: June 22, 2012
Views: 22 - Rating: 0/5
uploaded by:

Sweet sweet sweet trip

37# جمل المحامل برك - مدحت صالح - Mon message à mon amour

Duration: 02:47 min
Uploaded: May 25, 2012
Views: 993 - Rating: 0/5
uploaded by:

رسالة للحبيب حزينة جدا مؤثر جدا

38# Visite d'un F3 en chantier de la tour AADL DAS CHAABANE côté champs

Duration: 03:04 min
Uploaded: March 19, 2011
Views: 4,032 - Rating: 0/5
uploaded by:

Visite d'un F3 de la citée AADL DAS CHAABANE côté "BATIGEC" en chantier. Vidéo prise le 11 mars 2011.

39# norway air oslo spotting

Duration: 00:14 min
Uploaded: December 07, 2012
Views: 3 - Rating: 0/5
uploaded by:

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