Top 20 Viewed Places

  1. Albania Flag IconLimar (Albania)
  2. Zimbabwe Flag IconAvenues (Zimbabwe)
  3. Sri Lanka Flag IconColombo (Sri Lanka)
  4. India Flag IconMangpu (India)
  5. India Flag IconMumbai (India)
  6. Pakistan Flag IconLun Pattian (Pakistan)
  7. Malaysia Flag IconKuala Kurau (Malaysia)
  8. China Flag IconShanghai (China)
  9. Tunisia Flag IconTunis (Tunisia)
  10. Spain Flag IconSeville (Spain)
  11. United Kingdom Flag IconLondon (United Kingdom)
  12. United Kingdom Flag IconGlasgow (United Kingdom)
  13. Germany Flag IconMunich (Germany)
  14. France Flag IconParis (France)
  15. Czech Republic Flag IconPrague (Czech Republic)
  16. Spain Flag IconBarcelona (Spain)
  17. Italy Flag IconRome (Italy)
  18. Haiti Flag IconNan Bouzin (Haiti)
  19. Mexico Flag IconPlaya Hawaii (Mexico)
  20. United States Flag IconSeattle (United States)
  21. South Korea Flag IconPoran (South Korea)

Top 20 Viewed Countries

  1. Argentina Flag IconArgentina (South America)
  2. Bangladesh Flag IconBangladesh (Asia)
  3. Dominican Republic Flag IconDominican Republic (North America)
  4. Algeria Flag IconAlgeria (Africa)
  5. Ecuador Flag IconEcuador (South America)
  6. Spain Flag IconSpain (Europe)
  7. India Flag IconIndia (Asia)
  8. Iceland Flag IconIceland (Europe)
  9. Italy Flag IconItaly (Europe)
  10. South Korea Flag IconSouth Korea (Asia)
  11. Sri Lanka Flag IconSri Lanka (Asia)
  12. Montenegro Flag IconMontenegro (Europe)
  13. Madagascar Flag IconMadagascar (Africa)
  14. Nigeria Flag IconNigeria (Africa)
  15. Pakistan Flag IconPakistan (Asia)
  16. Solomon Islands Flag IconSolomon Islands (Oceania)
  17. Sweden Flag IconSweden (Europe)
  18. Slovakia Flag IconSlovakia (Europe)
  19. Turkey Flag IconTurkey (Asia)
  20. South Africa Flag IconSouth Africa (Africa)
  21. Zimbabwe Flag IconZimbabwe (Africa)

List of all countries and capitals of the world.

A brief Introduction to the continents

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